Practice and outcomes of adoption of interim measures in expulsion and extradition cases against Russia by the European Court of Human Rights

Available in Russian

Author: Nadezhda Ermolayeva

Keywords: Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe; European Convention on Human Rights; execution of ECtHR judgments; expulsion; extradition; provisional measures; right not to be subject to torture and inhuman and degrading treatment and punishment; Rule 39 of the Rules of European Court of Human Rights; The European Court of Human Rights


The article is focused on the analysis of the European Court of Human Rights practice on the application of the interim measures under the Rule 39 of the Rules of Court, and the problems of execution of such decisions. The article contains conclusions on the categories of the cases in which the European Court usually applies interim measures, and serious problem of the Russia's compliance with the Court's indications under Rule 39, as well as the absence of any progress in execution of the Court's judgment in the case of Savriddin Dzhurayev and the authorities' failure to create mechanism of protection which would allow to prevent new violations in respect of applicants protected by Rule 39.