Author: Иван Иванов

Requirements for publications

Issue list The order of review of the materials submitted to the editorial board of the journal “Comparative constitutional review” (in English) Transliteration rules  Sample

Editorial Advisory Board

Issue list Alexander Blankenagel (Co-Chairman) Professor of Public Law at Humboldt University, Berlin. Participated in the programs of Constitutional Law consulting for governments of Russia, Georgia,

Editorial Board

Issue list Irina Alebastrova Doctor of Law, Associate Professor at the Department of Public Law Disciplines at the Faculty of Law of National Research University

Journal Staff

Issue list Olga SidorovichEditor-in-Chief MBA in Public Sector, Director of the independent think-tank organization – Institute for Law and Public Policy (ILPP),  Managing Editor of

Publishing ethics

Issue list 1. General Provisions Publishing ethics establishes the standards of the ethical conduct for the parties involved in publishing process: contributors, editors, reviewers and

Beneficial difference

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