«Meždunarodnoe pravosudie» (International Justice)


«International Justice» (Meždunarodnoe pravosudie) is a new Russian language law journal, established by the Institute for Law and Public Policy’s experts group in 2011. Its goal is  doctrinal analysis of the international judicial mechanisms, including their institutional framework and case-law.

Since 1 December 2015 by the Higher Attestation Commission of the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation decision, the journal was included in the List of leading reviewed scientific journals and publicationswhich should be published in the main scientific results of dissertations on competition of a scientific degree of doctor and candidate of Legal Studies.

Is the 105th place (out of 293) in the SCIENCE INDEX rating for 2018 on the theme “State and law” (www.elibrary.ru).

The journal is distributed in electronic format, via e-mail subscription and in print version by Russian post.

ISSN 2226—2059
e-ISSN 2541-8548

Published with the financial support of:

Journal Staff

Those “Atlanteans” who “hold the sky on stone hands”.

Olga Sidorovich – editor-in-chief
Anastasia Kretsul – executive secretary
Ksenia Eggert – executive secretary
Daria Uvarova – editor
Grant Newman – editor of english texts
Luneva Ekaterina – translator
Dmitri Sitchinava – translator

Editorial collegium

Talented and creative professionals. Versatility and brightness of ideas-these are their main qualities.

Editorial board

Our senior colleagues. Experienced teachers and practitioners are always ready to help with the directions of development of the journal.

Requirements for publications

We invite Russian and foreign authors to publish articles on various issues of constitutional and legal issues, comparative legal and political studies on the pages of the journal.

Publishing ethics

These rules set standards of ethical conduct for all those involved in scientific publications: authors, editors, reviewers and publishers.