Series «Contemporary constitutional studies»
«Russian-Western blind spots» (2019)

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This report is the result of a collective effort by the participants in the Russian-German Dialogue Project ‘Reflecting on Conflict Narratives’. It draws on a dialogue process of two workshops held in Moscow and Berlin in September and November 2018. All chapters in Part 1 have been intensely discussed within the group and reflect a broad consensus on the overall findings. As one workshop participant has framed it, the process is the author.
Nevertheless, not every single statement in this report necessarily represents the position of all conference participants or their institutions. While the report conveys the main themes, conclusions and recommendations, it is not a full account of the very rich and productive discussions. It aims to highlight the main points of convergence and divergence among the participants and to stimulate further work on historical narratives on European security and a possible way out of the current political stalemate.
The texts in Part 2 of this report also reflect on certain aspects of the dialogue, yet they are clearly authored by individual participants.
The project has been implemented and designed by inmedio peace consult gGmbh, Berlin, and the Institute for Law and Public Policy (ILPP), Moscow. It was funded by the German Federal Foreign Office under the ‘Expanding Cooperation with Civil Society in the Eastern Partnership Countries and Russia’ Programme.

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