CCR №6(109) 2015
The origin of the Communist regime: from the “Sovietdemocracy” to the one-party dictatorship


The origin of the Communist regime remains the focus of acute debates not only for historians, but also for politicians and legal experts in the context of Soviet legacy and the formation of the transitional Post-Communist regime. The widespread myth about soviets as integral institutes of direct democracy still inspires leftist ideological proposals and even has significant impact upon constitutional amendments to Russian Constitution of today. Demystification of the Soviet legend is only possible by the profound research of its genesis and its real role in revolutionary government. On the basis of the 1918 Constitutional Commission archive documents the author makes a reconstruction of the historical place of the Soviet phenomenon clearly showing how far its “democratic” potential was from the deceptive ideal as it appeared before the eyes of masses.

About the author:
Andrey N. Medushevsky – Professor, National Research University – Higher School of Economics

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