CCR №5 (108) 2015
The transfer of state powers to organizations: Legal mechanism


Based on Russian legislation and the latest practice in transferring state powers to organizations, this article analyses the general legal approach to understanding this process and formulates rules that could serve as the basis for appropriate legal mechanisms. In connection with the global and multidisciplinary features of the transfer of state powers to organizations, the author does not guarantee full and complete coverage of the topic. In addition to the theoretical aspects the article contains some examples of privatization, outsourcing, the problems of implementing the theory of the service state, some cases involving organizations providing public services and giving concessions of cultural objects. The reader will see the problem of transfer of state powers and some suggested ways of solving it, first from the standpoint of public law and, secondly, in the terms of general regulation (primarily, constitutional and administrative).

About the author:
Svetlana Vasilieva – Associate Professor, National Research University – Higher School of Economics, Candidate of Sciences (Ph.D.) in Law

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