Настоящий материал (информация) произведён, распространён иностранным агентом Автономная некоммерческая организация «Институт права и публичной политики» либо касается деятельности иностранного агента Автономная некоммерческая организация «Институт права и публичной политики»

Experts of the Institute share their unique knowledge and skills with participants of schools, webinars, seminars and master classes in the following areas:

  • comparative constitutional law
  • economic analysis of law
  • methods of conducting mock trials
  • other areas of theoretical and applied legal knowledge

We introduce participants of our events to the specifics of the content, argumentation, design and direction of appeals to the Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation, the European Court of Human Rights and other international courts.

The Institute’s events are characterized by a high degree of interactivity between the presenters and the audience, the use of an interdisciplinary approach in explaining legal realities, and a focus on problem analysis of judicial practice. Classes are taught by Russian scholars who have mastered the latest techniques and apply them in their teaching practice, as well as leading foreign experts.

The Institute also conducts contests, which are a unique opportunity to gain new knowledge and skills, to get acquainted with leading Russian and foreign specialists.

More information about particular events is available on Russian pages of this website.

Archived events (in Russian)